This Woman Lyrics

K.T. Oslin

K.T. Oslin - This Woman Lyrics

I can still see your head on the pillow
I can still smell your manly perfume
I can still hear your heart, heart a-beating
Honey long after you? ve left the room
I? m thinking about you when, when I? m working
You? re breaking my power to concentrate
Oh, better be careful? cause I might get fired
For thinking? bout the fire we started yesterday
(This woman? s in love with you baby
This woman don? t think you can do no wrong
But I feel it? s only fair to warn you
This woman don? t stay in love for long)
And I will swear that I love, love you forever
And when forever is over I? m gonna be kind
? Cause I don? t see any reason
To leave a heart all broken and bleedin?
Especially when that bleedin? heart might be mine
? Cause one day I? ll roll over
And it? ll be over simple as that
One day I? ll roll over it? ll be over simple as that
(Repeat Chorus)

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