Directions To My Special Place Lyrics


Themselves - Directions To My Special Place Lyrics

Oh, sacred envelope of exploration...
Glistening ordinary, grant me
A winged mare or solid ground
And personality split
For it's been a ghastly reflection. unique
And reminiscent of nightmares I can't escape
To disfigure a blurry glance at time of night
A glow the me I loathe, compose
And turn off to phase throughout has
So many playmates that had loved
To hold my magnificent crum
And save its succulence from back injury
I've eroded the shared experience
Consistently... cradles fall
I'm think of a number from one to lonesome...
Fault fault everywhere
And not a single soulmate to spoon or go back and forth with...
I've torn them all to exorcists
Hi, my name's in public...
Has showed me how to spell
Welcome mat with a w-h-o-i-a-m & I
Take a stepping on purpose like a man
Is still a big effort, deal, and pursuit
Of... I've won, and all these women make me sick
So my spoils are shiners or regret
The stormy gray ribbon thus... therefore... and then
With a pin point poking my chest
I startle does and falsify confidence to change... to change...
The lies I've told personify general sympathy
And his platoon of stupid things to do
Let distance play the role of time and difference
Glad to be of service...
Risk averse is my favorite color
And limb to crawl on outfitted for perversion
Enduring... I've managed to overdress for dharma...
The tour of our spiraling universe
And suffer in a congested clammy-handed manner
So who's the old shot blood-dripping man's face
I'm slated to grimace as
Mr. id says don't worry
Finish this now porridge before it cools
And remember above all your dyslexic
Sound advice... but still I'm hung up on hang-ups
And exhausted beyond the haven of endangered mystery-man
In the round strikes a pose
And tries to return truth from a bound world (for life)...
Reading into trivial and man's endless pursuit of absolute stuff...
Custom-made to fit has simplified exception...
Accepted the war, the savior, the Saturday morning cartoons
All convince an unconscious sense of perspective
That natural will thin my blood
And capture me and knock me up
And color coordinate love. no more...
No desire, no bed time, no venue...
It's the pattern my cycles adhere to...
These peaks and valleys I call home and stand for...
It's hard, it's natural
It's only the beginning to fear death... embrace occurrence
Heal... to heal... to be the first one to heal
Is to wake and let artificial
The totem pole of rolls and norms is collapsed upon itself
Until we all care... no one will...
Until we all... no one will
Dose will... request...
Feel these pieces of me as I would all of you...
Until we meet... directions to my special place... come hither

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