Condescending Lyrics


P.O.D. - Condescending Lyrics

This is not pretend
You have no reason to feel secure
Because this world it waits for no one.
So don't you fool yourself
Get out of this imaginary place you call reality
It's so deceiving

If you don't get it your way
You're so condescending.
If we don't do what you say
You're so unforgiving

So tell me once again
How easy it would be if we'd listen to you and just paid attention
So what's the point in you
Showing us your way if we don't even care to be around you or even know you

I cant do what you say
I can't do it your way
I cant do what you say
I can't do it your way

So unforgiving
You're so unbending
You don't understand me

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