Tonight Lyrics

Molly Johnson

Molly Johnson - Tonight Lyrics

(Steven MacKinnon)

I take my time
When things are weighin' on my mind
I'm gonna let the string unwind

Watch your step
'Cause baby it aint over yet
You're gonna wanna call that bet

We're together
We dance like fireflies
Or maybe more like moth to flame

And I wonder
Are you under
The spell that's got me here
You are vinegar, I am oil
You're my tin and I'm your foil

Just a sigh
You didn't even have to try
And no one else can make me high

We're together
I don't hear symphonies
More like Mingus in the park

You're waitin'
I'm statin' the obvious refrain
This could be my last hurrah
They way you use that je ne sais quoi

So divine
I'm takin' all my own sweet time
And everything is oh so fine tonight
Everything is just so fine tonight
Baby gonna make you mine tonight

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