Theres A Party Lyrics

DJ Bobo

DJ Bobo - Theres A Party Lyrics

There's A Party, here we start it, There's A Party
This is the party song that makes the party going on

There's A Party, don't you know today there is a party
Open up your heart, we're gonna start it
Welcome at the beach, this is for you, just for you
Wo-oh-oh, wo-ho-ho

The life that I live has a big price
Sometimes I'm nice, sometimes I'm ice cold
And then it's show
I started to dance, so don't you know
I get down with the beat like I did in the past
Concentrate myself, and I'm doing it fast
Here is the question, are you ready to dance
When you hear my rap rhymes
You will take you chance

You think I'm a star, I tell you you're wrong
I just made my music and that makes me strong
For so many people being a star is dream
When yourself acting then it's only a dream
You see your brother dancing, like being a clown
Or being a king, I mean, a king without a crown
So now let me tell you just one more thing
You better do what you want and you start this thing

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