Bonfire Lyrics


Memoryhouse - Bonfire Lyrics

Its getting late
Think I'll turn in
The moon is out and it's much to cold to swim
I left your photo in this pool
With all the thoughts I weave in order to recall you

Out in the pale grey moth light sky
I see my breath like ghosts to fragile to take flight
I held the photo to the light
And traced the symmetry as fingerprints divide

And I'll keep moving westward
Along these streets at once descending
Shift beneath the floorboards
Of our bed as you lie sleeping
Set ablaze the violet room
To dissolve the memory of
All I wonder unavenged
Silence keep repeating
Its the same
Its the same

Lets get cold together
Lets get cold together
Oh together

Lets get cold together
Lets get cold together
Oh together

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