Twenty-One (2003) Lyrics

Corey Smith

Corey Smith - Twenty-One (2003) Lyrics

when i was only 17
couldn't wait for 21
i'd hang around on clayton street
in the bar there gettin drunk
a baseball cap and a fake id
would get me into clubs
but i would dance with college girl
and lie about who i was
i'd say i'm pre-med here at UGA
i live on milage ave.
i was raised over in buckhead
i drive a bmw
i was breakin hearts
and takein names
and numbers just for fun
stealin kisses wishin i was 21

thursdays came and pocket change
would quickly disappear
up stair at lowerys tavern
we'd pay a nickle for a beer
shottin pool smokin cigrettes
with a dizzy head and a grin
and four am on a school night
still hang out with my friends
one hour sleep on a dirty couch
no shower off to school
smelling like a brewery
with a bad hangover too
the teachers all would hasle me
stay wake, pay attention
i was catch hell
wishin i was 21

i'm the younger one
of all my friends
i didn't act my age
to cool for the football games
and homecoming parades
know i look back
and i have to smile
because boy if was fun
being 17 wishin i was 21

now i'm only 26
feeling more like 43
my hair line is disappearin
and i never get id
my clothes are out of fashion
i'm not cool anymore
in the bed by ten o'clock
each night
and up at half past four
still i go down to that college town
when the bulldogs play at home
drink cag beer from a trash
can till the whole damn thing is gone
and i look at all theose college girls
so innocent and young
and i just check them out
and say damn i wish i was 21

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