Rollin' Lyrics

Garth Brooks

Garth Brooks - Rollin' Lyrics

She was born to a mother trucker
Raised behind the wheel
So you can blame it on the highway
For the way she can't sit still
She says life is like a windshield
It ain't no rear view mirror
The only way to get where you're goin'
Is find that higher gear
And keep it

Life's gonna' run you over if you don't get goin'
She said i wanna' fell the earth move under me
Movin' with the motion of a melody
Oh i get the blues if the rhythm ain't got no soul
You got to keep it

Well i knew that i was in trouble
When she told me that talk was cheap
Said if you're tired get on the sofa
'cause the bed's no place to sleep lord it knocked me on my knees
And i knew if i was gonna' get naked
I was gonna have to roll up my sleeves.
And keep it

So i talked her into gettin' married
But she wouldn't hang up her wheels
I was afraid i'd take a back seat
To the way the highway feels
But each day she's pullin' over
More than she used to
She knows love is like the highway
The main thing you gotta do
Is keep it rollin'

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