Christmastime Lyrics

Aimee Mann

Aimee Mann - Christmastime Lyrics

It's Christmas again, December is here,
hasn't it been a wonderful year?
But all the plans you're making and all the time you're taking
Greet the next one with good cheer won't you dear?
As you ring the chime
just because it's Christmastime

And on the tree all the ornaments glow
Tinsel will cover where the branches don't grow
There's lights on all the houses
Spouses with their spouses, children playing in the snow

One in the swing and one upon the horse
That's the great divisor you are now the wiser
Maybe just a bit less so touch and go
'Til you stop on a dime all alone at Christmastime

It's Christmas again, December is here
What did you wish for? What did you fear?
Look at your behavior looking for a Saviour
Underneath the mistletoe you should know that
It is less a crime to be all alone at Christmastime


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