Switchblade Lyrics


Heartsrevolution - Switchblade Lyrics

Two fucks and a game of charades
This game is almost through
Checkmate with one simple move
Razor sharp candy covered glass
Don't try to sort my checkered past
Technicolor light dreams
In between my faint screams
Here they come, here they come
Come on, come on
Placed an in today's paper
For codependents who seek intervention
Spits words of fire since 11/10
And if you'll love me
Then do it forever and ever or don't
Sit back and enjoy the ride
It's the survival of the fittest in a neon paradise
Falling stars full of dreams
Shot with blinding lights from your laser beams
Fast forward and rewind it back
I've come such a long way and I lost my map
Here they come, here they come, here they come

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