In My Sleep Lyrics

Joe Budden

Joe Budden - In My Sleep Lyrics

Babygirl told me in my sleep I was talkin
So it's only natural
I asked her "what I said?"
She said she woke up when she heard
But she was so damn tired she couldn't make out a word
She said she was trying to see if eventually I would scream the name of a bird
I told her "that's absurd"
And then gave her the face like "word?!"

And then she replied "yeah"
Said "it was quite weird",
Said she was type scared
I said "that's the side effect that you get
when you trade bad dreams for some great nightmares"
When I close my eyes, I escape the poltergeist
My escape from reality, just what I needed
Brings me to a place where shorty never cheated

And even if she tried and succeeded
In this other world I wouldn't even get heated
Fuck the details, I don't care about why
I'm chillin with my grandmother, she ain't die
I was browsing online and seen Mike on that banner
And said "you can be like me and beat cancer"
Anything I touched I feel
Know it's fiction but it seems so real

Was leaving out the casino with a nympho
Yes Ray, it can be so simple
Here's how I avoid problem with my kinfolk
Learn how to build me a house with no win - dows.
and that's when I think I saw a ribbon in the sky, but it wasn't from an in - tro...
cuz where I'm at, there's no rumors or gossip, but still got love for Miss In - fo...

she said in my sleep I be laughing, but shit be funny to me
Look, my ice cream was 200 degrees
If it dripped, I'd get a hole in my dungarees
See, my animinoty is my protection
And me and hip hop have no connection
Which got me to reflecting:
Is that why the mirror don't show my reflection?

When I close my eyes, there's no dollars
So we can stretch that one as an excuse
Of why folks do the things they do
Or why people act so brand new
I had wings on flying outta prison with a ratchet
Was only there cuz someone snitched
No ones poor, but no ones rich
Just my way of creeping if life's a bitch

Took a walk on the ceiling just to get my mind right
That was yesterday... so in hindsight
Since I was able to haul off
I took it as God telling my I'll never fall off
Got rid of name brands and the jewelry
(Why?) Most people just use it as medicine
Like it takes them somewhere they ain't never been
But here you better off not better then

Stuck in the room with an elephant
Open the closet and dapped up my skeleton
Had a convo with a man with no ears
And all of a sudden, everything became so clear
Have no fear
I just bought a first class trip to nowhere
everybody goes there
But they don't stay the whole year,
Me, I got 365 shows there

My girl said in my sleep I be walking, so I ask baby "where I go?"
She said I be walking slow,
but she don't ever wanna get outta bed, so she don't know
I went to see a man walking on water
Asked if he'd ever get things back in order
I been there two years over a quarter
But every time I opened my eyes, it's like torture

He said "please, I gave you a whole other world for you to go do with as you please
Just so you appeased mixed with a couple of signs bout real life while you make believe"
So I teleported outta there with a grin
Met a bum with a mansion that invited me in
Then we politiced about politics
Said somethin bout def jam, but I ain't acknowledge it

I went to see a virgin with AIDS, yea I thought about smashing that
Yea her ass was fat,
so appealing
Tattoo on her inner thigh that said "she was doin better then she was feeling"
I think I seen shorty before, maybe in the club or something or
Maybe in VIP,
but wasn't nobody there but me
And the club was all red,
and she started playing with my head
And then I came
Then I asked shorty what's her name
and it was weird
cuz she fucked around and disappeared
Like, what a cruel joke
Cig lit, but from it was no smoke
Flicked in the ashtray
and seen Stack's face
Slashed to a school hallway on a half day

Was getting chased, couldn't tell by who
Then the hallway turned into a cliff
Screamin "piff" before I was dead
Somehow I jumped my ass up out that bed
Then baby girl told me in my sleep I was screaming
So I said "that's a lie"
She put her right hand in the sky
And said "you was but I don't know why"

Gotta go, goodbye.

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