All The Way Lyrics


Playa - All The Way Lyrics

well im the type of guy
that likes to ball with a girl
a couple of friends and a beer
have a drink or two
but then im all in for the night
cause see tonight
imma need it more than twice
maybe three a do for me you see
and we can go...

all the way, starting today
im on my way, round youre way
i got haze and a bottle of zay
hey hey.hey hey hey hey

(now im so glad that we set aside a day
a special day for us)
just to chill and barbeque
and discuss the feelings we have
i know you have cause i can see
baby you aint foolin me
not today or any day i say
we can go all the way yeah


oh i, oh i oh i
girl im feelin you
oh i oh i oh i
think i can deal with you
oh i oh i oh i
im really feeling you
oh i oh i oh i
think i can deal with ya


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