Drink Professionally Lyrics

Slightly Stoopid

Slightly Stoopid - Drink Professionally Lyrics

Behave, wind up down in them graves, another one they won't save
Another one of them sad, sad stories
Won’t someone please help us here
I hear it’s getting worse every year, and one solution is beer
But you don’t mix beer and vodka lightly
We mix professionally... said
We, mix professionally
Beer jager vodka and weed
But we don’t want to be fighting, we say
Green is the one that we need

Just pray, pray the lord everyday
Give thanks and praise right away
When times are hard and I feel like dying
There is just one remedy
I need two and one half pounds of weed
No sticks no steam and no seeds
That’s the the type of herb that's worth buying
The best herbs is herbs that are free
So free, free up ganja and weed, then legalize the sensi
Only perscription we’ll be trying
Smokin’ on strictly sensi

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