Bayou Boys Lyrics

Eddy Raven

Eddy Raven - Bayou Boys Lyrics

Passion in the backseat, parked out in the cane
Ever since the first time, I ain't ever been the same
I gave up on baseball and I threw down my glove
I discovered girls and I got into love

Me and my friend Aldo, he's the one who had the car
We made all the dances, we made all the bars
Told each other secrets and we wore each other's clothes
One night I stole his woman and I wonder if he knows

Sleep all day, run all night
Chasing the ladies 'cause we knew they might
We raised a lot of hell, we made a lot of noise
Everybody knew, we were Bayou boys
Everybody knew, we were Bayou boys

Sweet, Marie was dangerous with those dark seductive eyes
She had me sayin', 'maybe, baby' before I realized
She loved me so deeply and I tried to hold on
But changin' don't come easy when you've been this way so, lo

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