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Dolly Dots

Dolly Dots - P.S. Lyrics

You found this morning a note at your door
In which I told you to see me no more
There's really not much I have to say
So I think it's better to end it this way

If I knew how I'd make it through
(Make it through)
But I'm afraid it's up to you
(Up to you)
There's not much more that I can do
I've always tried to comfort you

Got one more thing to tell you
There's one thing you should know
Just one more thing to tell you
That I still love you so

I'm writing you this letter
So I feel a little better
'Cause there's no use to go on
I know to you it doesn't matter
But I'm writing you this letter
So you'd feel that you were wrong
So I hope you understand
And if you'd give a helping hand
We'll still be going strong
So take care
And beware
You're not the only one

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