Bodyshakin' (Dance Mix) Lyrics


911 - Bodyshakin' (Dance Mix) Lyrics

You got my body shaking, sends a shiver to my soul
I didn't get no warning, you got me shaking to the bone
I got my secret weapon, I'm gonna get you all alone, yeah yeah
So let your body lose control

I was the boy walking tough, king of the street
Believed in making my own destiny, yeah
Victim of love, I made a promise that I'd never be
Another one of love's fatalities

Rule number one was running wild and always running free
Didn't need no luck, my guardian angel looking over me
You passed me by, I got the vibe, left me in disbelief
Arrow to my heart, at hurricane velocity
You pierced my emotional armour
Bolt of lightning couldn't hit me harder

Everybody say I aim too high, out of my league
I've gotta step into reality, yeah
Different sides, different styles, certain tragedy
I got you in my sights, so please believe it's harmony
You pierced my emotional armour
Blot of lightning couldn't hit me harder

This is simple as a one-two-three
We've been drawn together by love-power energy
I wanna be your lover, I wanna be your friend
I wanna be your lifetime, not just your weekend
Check it out, check it out, check it check it out
I wanna be homeboy, ain't no doubt
I wanna be your first choice, never let you down
Love, Peace, I'm out of here brothers
You pierced my emotional armour
Bolt of lightning couldn't hit me harder

(repeat until fade)

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