Trans DF Express (Radio Mix) Lyrics

Dungeon Family

Dungeon Family - Trans DF Express (Radio Mix) Lyrics

grab your ticket
come get wit it
trans df express, trans df express
grab your ticket (ticket!)
come get wit it
trans df express, trans df express (oh shit!)
i am the one and only son of a machine gun
untrapable, meaning i can't be place between none
_even in darkness_, i already ate this diction
it's so bold you could smell that funk with a cold
it's unbelieveable, bare a resemblance to broken mold
i'm op-timistic, i'm the air in the open road
make ya move it's moderate, no need to speed
it's inevitable you arrive in due time indeed
now is the, time and place to in-vade the empty space
i'm a profectionist, i never pressure the pen space
but i wouldn't be amazing without god's amazing grace
i can travel outer space while standin in one place
hippy to the hop, like a digi-log frog
throw me the cat and i'll throw you the dog
simple as a dimple ain't it?
a hole in your cheek, let's hit the town so we can paint it,
red -- or maybe baby blue for two
as sure as you are my lover, that is my favorite color
and we get down - off to my castle we drown
in each others love we puddle, huddle - break, fourth down, and inches
(ahh!) we all some players don't ride no benches (ahh!)
elegant princes come to your senses (ahh!)
i noticed that your one of a kind
that's makes you kind of the one
i'm, sharing my spaghetti with --
the lady and the tramp, the mystery the myth
not into runnin frames, but i got a thang for ya
swoosh! i will do ya, surely i adore ya
gipp, a 2002 boy

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what'chu think it say 2a, ya goin my way
went from ragtime buddy to a cakewalk stage
didn't ask cuz i past you made this weight
my empression is one and no other
kinda-sorta yo, dr. demental
had you come through the lab
doctor, organized instrumental
this ex-press, here the whistle?
who the fuck changed the face of the game
and bought it back "5, deuce, 4, tre"
the alliance of elite emcees
attention, salute, at ease
the world renowned, from here clean across seas
it's the critical acclaimed, dungeon family
we are now boardin, all seats and all rows
but it ain't no more tickets cuz it's a sold-out show

i stank i can, i stank i can, i know i can, i will?? lil' p-i-t be knockin players off the field, for real
dungeon family got my sword and my sheild
to campleton not camelot, let's smoke the 'dro and chill
(chill?) like four babies, and now you want the pill
used to be raw dawg but now you want the grill
seville flawless, so now you want drill
and takin a groupie home is just like lovin some roadkill
pimpin and panderin, on a level you can serve
ths metal, nouns, pronouns, adverbs, and verbs
i spit the words of wordsmith, how ya gonna burst shit
sip-sip, sip-sip, "sippin on some syrup" like three 6
engine number 9 is on the grind
like ya molars when ya rolled and that's your backteeth bitin down
now open up and say it, the d to the f's the greatest
the talented town, then tip up your drink, your head has been deflated

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