Fix Anything Lyrics

Jason Mccoy

Jason Mccoy - Fix Anything Lyrics

Fix Anything

We bought an old run down house
We couldn't wait to get the keys
Scraping windows, painting walls
Yeah we could do it all just you and me

Oh but the money got tight that winter
It took all we had to get to Spring
We had our share of fights
Still I thought you and I could fix anything
(Whoa anything)

Well that roof it still ain't leaking and the rains been coming down
These hardwood floors are quiet, they don't make a sound
And we've finally stopped the squeaking of the rusty front porch swing
Baby what went wrong, I thought you and me could fix anything

I watched her tail lights fade away
I sat on the front step and I cried
Can we say we didn't talk, can we say we're better off
Can we say we tried, can we say we tried?


We've left to many things undone
Were giving up too soon
We need to finish up the garden
And paint our baby's room


I'd give anything to hold you
On our rusty front porch swing
Baby come back home
Cause I think you and Me could fix anything

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