Charmer Lyrics

Aimee Mann

Aimee Mann - Charmer Lyrics

When you're a charmer
the apples fall
and you're quite the little collector
you got 'em all

When you're a charmer
people respond
they can't see the hidden agenda
you got going on

But when you're weak it's a Holy Grail
You’re two for one; it’s a fire sale
and that's a wall that you cannot scale
So you're forced to burrow under

When you're a charmer
the world applauds
they don't know that secretly charmers
feel like they're frauds

When you're a charmer
you hate yourself
a victim of sexual-hypnosis
like everyone else

And when your thinking goes black and white
and you're all hunger and appetite
this is a battle you cannot fight
where you only can surrender

No, you only can surrender
No, you only can surrender
No, you only can surrender

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