Bankhead Lyrics


D4L - Bankhead Lyrics

Bankhead nigga
We in da headge lounge
Bank-ba-bank-bankhead nigga.
Bank ba-bank-bankhead nigga
I smokin and sayin
Bank ba-bank-bankhead nigga
Bank head nigga we in da headlounge
Miracle smoke strong and i did it and know i'm tellin bank ba-bank-bankhead nigga
Stop messin wit a fresh so clean bankhead
I got a machinegun to keepdat team on dat bank head.
I got solo records ane some cream on dat bankhead
If you fuk wit me you fukin wit bankhead
Sayin you better be scared of bankhead
Top family so sooni im on dat bankhead
G rollin on 24s on dat bankhead
I was lookin for dat man rollin up and down dat bankhead
You will find me gaurineted cause im from bankhead
Playboy dont get mad cause ya bitch is on dat bankhead
Fukin wit a young thug is fukin wit bankhead
And deygettin cream on dat bankhead
Bitch you aint bankhead, nah dats me
Wut u blind u need glasses to c.
You got a deed, u still aint rockin and see as me
You wish you you was nice 2 me
You aint see mo stacks dan me in ya life den me
So cant be me, bitch bite me
Man youd like to see and meet me
Man im more of a sight to see
Bank ba-bank-bankhead nigga

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