Lancelot (Extended Version) Lyrics

Valérie Dore

Valérie Dore - Lancelot (Extended Version) Lyrics

I can see you standing here alone

Man in armour looking at the dawn.
Shadows now cross your eyes
Who is on your mind

My young Lord?
You are known as Lancelot Of The Lake

Man with strength that nobody can break

You're the Kingdom's pride
Fortune's on your side again.

You are riding across the land fighting for your lady

Holding so tight her silver sword.
She is so beautiful dancing among the maidens

But will she ever free your heart?

Riding over mountains - loving in the night -
Dancing near the mountains
Holding a graceful lady.
Hiding in a castle - living in a dream -
Fighting for your love one
Dream you hold the woman in your arms
You have nothing still to shield your heart.
I know beauty can win the bravest men forever.
You shall try to forget the dame
Fighting the mighty battles
Until the night will make you dream.
And your courage will bring you fame
Inside the courts and castles.
Minstrels will sing it to your queen.
Riding over mountains - Loving in the night - . . .
Riding over mountains - Loving in the night - . .
And now when the music will end
Will she turn and forget
Will she cry?
Will you still be fighting the wind now
And dreaming your love in the night?
Holding a graceful lady - Lancelot -
Holding a graceful lady - Lancelot.
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