Chai Tea Latte (Live) Lyrics

Angel Taylor

Angel Taylor - Chai Tea Latte (Live) Lyrics

You seem like Mr. Perfect
Why don't you drive over and pick me up
I'll wear my best outfit and people might compliment
Our chocolate and vanilla skin
And how it looks so good together mixed in
'Cause without you my flavor is a little plain
And no one likes plain things
I wanna walk to your house
'cause you're just up the street
And seeing you in person is so much better
Than my thoughts and my dreams
And you've blown my mind in two hours time
And I'm so weak and unable to picture
You with someone other than me
But I guess I have to
'cause you haven't asked me out
On a date to get some chai, tea, lattes
You open the door for me always
You're such a gentlemen, like that
I don't know anyone who has a sweeter heart than you do
You're like twenty billion Reese cups in two
And this Christmas what I really, really, really
Really, really want is a call from you to say
Angel, I seem to think of you everyday
And ever since I've gone away
I just have to say that you've
Blown my mind in two hours time
But I guess I'm gonna have to
'cause I haven't asked you out
So go ahead and ask me
Go ahead and ask me out
I live at 25052, Walnut St., room 217
I'll be waiting for my doorbell to ring
'Cause you've blown my mind in two hours time
So don't make me have to,
just go ahea

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