Recent Illusion Lyrics

Marit Larsen

Marit Larsen - Recent Illusion Lyrics

How hard can it be
To have and to keep
What everyone has
I walk in the streets
The beautiful meet
They're starting to laugh

I know too much
I've seen too much
I crave to much
I'm out of touch

My recent illusion
Blurred out my conclusion
There's no one for me
I can't do it right
I can't sleep at night
He's all that I see

But I want to much
Demand too much
I crave too much
I'm out of touch

I aim high, you aim low
Oh, ain't that just the way it goes
I see sparks, you see none
Had I only quit while it was fun



But I seek too much
I try too much
Look I cry too much
I've lost my touch
Think I've lost my touch
But it was fun

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