N.I.C.E. Lyrics

Chino XL

Chino XL - N.I.C.E. Lyrics

Now it’s Chino everything
For the next three minutes plus you gotta
Admit when I’m rhymin' it’s nice, your heart is my piñata
My word play will astound
I make your mom say wow ironically wow is the word mom upside down
Tryin' to separate myself from my bizarre persona
Like a rabid cadaver tryin' to stab his own organ donor
I walked a kilometer, tried to be calm and not empty this liquid Molotov lava shot into your yarmulke
Pardon my LAVA algorithm, stab a married coward laugh and Brad Childress slap his wisdom this isn’t sadomasochism
Its a crass addiction and dastardly diction
Have you tap out of submission
A beast like Batista the Puerto Rican edition
The script phenomenon
With The Smith Corona typewriter
the unabomber Ted Kaczynski wrote his manifesto on
America better invest in its urban environment
Or get demolished like them London riots
I’m pissing on Arizona immigration laws outside of my vehicle
With Casey Anthony’s severed head hanging from my rear view
I’m outta my mind that ancient from the cellar evil
Being blind even Helen Keller’s favorite color was chino
Now it’s Chino everything
I use a verse as a murder weapon word shreddin'
Sometimes living in hell’s giving the best view of heaven
Come witness my venomous threat Chino is deaths’ pet
Born without a heart created straight from Satans’ chemistry set
Will I ever be outshined, still remains to be seen
'Till I’m in a museum with a sign "remains to be seen"
You watchin' a man that’s standing at the crossroads
not a poor soul who’s flow is softer than them Glee episodes
You’d think I’m starvin' how hard I’m charging the scenery beautifully how you figure that the Garden of Eden would be
Problem with a nigga I say it to they face
Fuck steps to perfection I am a staircase
Pull Bill O’Reilly’s spine out
You figure I’m a overdose before you even get official word, Amy Winehouse
Mind of weaponry from the times of the Byzantines you talking metaphysically but Chino’s metal physically
The epitome of infinity and validity of my divinity half animal activity only monster in captivity
Legitimately resurrect any gladiator from Sicily
He won’t pattern or manage to match my intensity mentally, I’m N.I.C.E
Now it’s Chino everything
You could be this nice in your next life or somethin'
Just die and follow the light that’s white like that Oslo gunman
You rhyme like a woman that’s got whore ways
Laughter’s the best medicine so your records then should cure AIDS
To quote my mom I’m a thick-skinned son of a bitch I’d walk through rose bushes for the thorns whenever I itched
Was captured and branded
And vanquished in an ancient anguish
Faced embraced evasive hatred and made it my based language
The horror carver the angry
spittin' sangre en tu cara
leave your head sliced on a silver platter
Mañana manyaca I caca on your favorite Floca rapper
Sick laughter witch crafter, this bastard is mastered
Six pastors took masses to access
The madness Monastic violence
like Pontius Pilate’s bandits given Jesus back whippings and lashes
Viva Latino when Chino do a show
They’ll be nobody hustlin' outside of your local Home Depot
Ridiculous flow perfected inside of my raps
Greatness, a destination that you will not arrive at, never
I hear the uncomfortable silence when I drop my verses
It’s agreed on by churches that I’m the idol you can worship
Brolic and hypnotical in public or in solitude
I’m liable to stomp and boggle the human mind to molecules
Not bitter with a vendetta
Just a mile ahead these non-spitters that are considered the fittest trend setters
like Lucifer was my babysitter
Til I’m surrounded by every step daughter of Bruce Jenner
Chino’ significant even when I just speak and brag
My birth certificate is printed on a Puerto Rican flag

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