Wars Lyrics


Speak - Wars Lyrics

He wrote it right said, 'No, I won't fight'
She rode to hell alone and she looked fine
You know it's hardly fair to cut me down
You know I can't compare the way I am now

I'm not afraid to fight at all,
But if you won't back off

This is war
But baby let's be friends for just a little while
This is war
But maybe we can make it for a little while

You know the lights are off, I look out
She says she sees enough to make me proud
You know it's hardly fair to weigh me down
You could come up for air and say I drowned

And it makes me wonder that you'd take a life
Just to save a life
And you'd think it's right
That you're justified
As I'm going under I believe you now
That you'd let me drown
Just to make it rain
Just to make it rain

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