Push It To The Limit (NYHC Mix) (Instrumental) Lyrics


Necro - Push It To The Limit (NYHC Mix) (Instrumental) Lyrics

feat. Jamey Jasta

We'll push it to the limit like a tourniquet crushin' your cranium
Mushin' you, murder you, burnin' you to a crisp live on uranium
Maintainin' sins like Iranians holdin' grenade pins
Blazin' your skin, stomp you with a whole parade of Timbs
Put a gemstar to your flesh pa, the emperor
Of demented sentences with a temper, your mentor
Demonic like Skeletor, Destro, 'Deceps'
Criminal corrupted culprits'll beat you to death
Keep your head up or you'll get your head cut off
Your whole life shut off with a knife, wipe the blood off
My perspective is respect this or expect
To be left With a neck full of stitched up imperfections
'Cause you bitched up, in retrospective your collective
Woulda switched up if you knew what a bunch of sick fucks
We are when we get hectic too late, drama, we all up in it
Go all out, push it to the limit

Push it to the Limit, walk along the razor's edge
Don't look down, just keep your head up till you're finished
Up and up the limit, past the point of no return
Reach the top, but you gotta learn how to keep it

Attack you like an evil gargoyle with swords
Burn you like radiation, leave you a charbroiled corpse
We represent every satanic element, I'm malevolent
Murder you, you're gettin' sent to where the Devil went
If I'm wrong you could be dead right
When you pass you'll be forgotten 'cause I'm rotten like the website
We get ogrish, poisonous like a cobra's kiss
Demonic, like when the last day in October hits
You're miserable, livin' trapped in your bed
You should be clapped in your head 'cause you'd be happier dead
You little pussies get choked to death with a Cotex
You're dying little by little, every second, go check your Rolex
You're not living forever, I'll bet you
How much you wanna put up For the right price somebody'll dead you
No cushion for lyrics, mushin' you if you're timid
Extreme rap, explicit, we push it to the limit

You tremble from the brutality
Make you resemble George A. Romero character in reality
Bring your big posse
You'll be a bunch of fertilized faggots, like Versace and Liberace
Get killed in a building, smashing you like Zildjian
cymbals, buckin' you like Brazilian children
Write your will out to your attorney
After a weekend at Bernie's you'll be deceased, dead on a gurney
I rip the beat like the contours of your flesh stripped
As you stare, pump gore, it's a trip
Can't think about food with bullets buried in your belly
But notice bloody flesh looks like blueberry jelly
You're repulsively corrosive
Your mother taught you not to get involved with explosives
Skull opened like Iron Maiden Eddy, kaput, finished
Wanted excitement, you died for it, you pushed it to the limit

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