Sweater Song (Live) Lyrics


Hedley - Sweater Song (Live) Lyrics

She said, "Baby, don't leave
Be home, stay close, be close to me
Boy, don't be gone
Boy, don't be gone"

He said, "Baby, you know
I gotta run, I gotta go
I won't be long
Girl, I won't be long"

She said, "Boy, don't you flirt
And baby, please just don't get hurt
And if you feel alone
Then here take my shirt"

He said, "Forever, girl
I know you hate the weather, girl
So maybe you should
Hold onto my sweater, girl"

She ran, picked up the phone
Said, "Babe, I miss you, come back home
It can't be long, boy, it can't be long"

He said, "I hate this place
I miss your smile, I miss your face
I wrote a song girl, girl, I wrote a song"

She said, "You make me better, boy
I just mailed you a letter boy
And oh, so you know
I'm still in your sweater, boy"

He said, "Girl, don't be hurt
I've sweat a lot and smell of dirt
But I think I'd feel naked
Without your shirt"

He said, "You're looking great
I'm home, I'm back I couldn't wait
Girl, way too long
That was way too long"

She said, "Get over here
I crave you close, I need you near
Now play that song
Boy, play me our song"

He said, "Back to forever, girl
Hope you endured the weather, girl
Now all I wanna do is
Get you outta that sweater, girl"

She said, "I love the way you flirt
I'm so glad you didn't get hurt
Now let me see you naked
Without that shirt"

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