Charm Lyrics


Danny! - Charm Lyrics

"Th-th-th-th-th-th-th-this kid won't be
around much longer as I'm sure you know..."

(Verse 1)
You mad 'cause I dropped two classics
Half these new jacks is fags with doo-rags on
I knew that long hiatus wouldn't break us but
If you that strong, come try us
We can take it outside, instead of fight
We can rap battle
Cats laugh 'cause it took me three times to get it right
I guess it's true what they say, the third time's a charm
I grabbed the game and let it die in my arms
Then resurrected it
Changed clothes, same flow, perfected it
They know Swain though they still won't respect the kid
But I ain't slowin' up
This time, blowin' up
Sponsors, concerts, everybody showin' up
Know enough tricks of the trade to get a record deal:
Fresh kicks, press kits, sex appeal
Had to mail my demo out 'cause I ain't had enough bus pass
To take the bus first class
So frustrated, had to puff-puff-pass
Sent my CD out to Puff, Puff passed
Must've had enough trash on his desk this year
Sent one to So So Def, but it fell on so so deaf ears
I never once shed tears, this must be a test here
I fell back, prayed about it, made a route and now the kid got
Crazy clout, I ain't afraid to shout it
My charm got the ladies in the Carolina fallin' in love
Niggaz that I never met before is callin' me "cuz"
And it's all because, I went against the grain
I did my own thang, radio can kiss my anus
And all these other haters tryin' to dis D. Swain is
Just a damn shame, pop ya Cris and champagne
They popped shit, sayin' "he's a nerd" or "he's gay"
Now they love me; I can get away with murder these days
Charismatic, the Kappa is back at it
My charm, got people glued to me
Diplomatic immunity nigga

Fresh off the plane, it's ya boy D. Swain
Takin' over the game, ain't a damn thing changed
(So what'chu sayin'?) Ladies love him
The kids can't get enough of him
There will never ever be another him
The third time's a charm, so I gots to make it happen
Got so much charm, so I gots to make it rappin'
(Do ya thing!) My appeal will make these people feel me
Niggaz know it's still D, A to the N-N-Y

(Verse 2)
Why it took him so long to show and prove?
My demeanor's real cool, like I'm flowin' through air vents
Showin' you confidence, they say I'm showin' you arrogance
The kids ain't even gotta hide my tape from their parents
Have the ladies like, "we got nothin' but love for you honey"
Plus I got enough charms on my muthafuckin' arm
(You da bomb!) To really give Lucky a run for his money
And now it's funny, niggaz wanna know just how Danny does it
'Cause he got, mass appeal and he loves kids
Niggaz wanna hate me for my charm, they mad they can't get it
Now it seems like everybody and they man's livid
I took that underdog status and I ran with it
Dan did it to death, I planned this niggaz
Finish your breakfast-es
The stress, is just another part of the game
Niggaz chargin' in my lane so it's hard to maintain
And it's hard to stay sane, hard to stay valid
We 'bout it, y'all niggaz pint-size like Charlamagne's salary
My plain's outta reach, yeah I'm on a new plateau
"Danny, why you had to do that fo'?"
If you that slow, you're probably the cause behind it
The game is getting eaten, I'm the jaws behind it
Y'all hate to see me shine 'cause you'll all get blinded
Pause, rewind this; hope was lost, I'll find it
Now everybody gettin' in my sauce like prime ribs
They don't agree that I'm the boss, like "why him?"
You can debate if you wanna, I'm takin' you on a
Journey, I'm burning these haters like eighty-two saunas
Steamed up, got the underground scene re-ing up
'Bout to cop a grill from Paul Wall, boss hog cheese it up
Nuggets glow like mustard yo
Nine studs, daytime
Blind ya, hell yeah I'm frontin' but you love it though


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