I’M On One Lyrics


Tyga - I’M On One Lyrics

All these n-ggas stealin swag
I been gettin tats since i was 14
tell my b-tch throw it in the bag
22 for the bald man jeans
I'm smokin these n-ggas they need uh nicotine
rat race first place famous like a kennedy
all my diamonds lemoney
heart stay below degree
to many bitches mary them all,
huh make your waterfall,
highest underated n-gga
i don't need you rating me
sold out show way before the sh-t with bet
knockin down my front door
b-tches trying to peep and see
last kings YMCMB you know the team
just counted 50 thou in my walled off suite
sh man this life is to f-cking easy ferrai red all over
call it santa bleeding
pipe dreamin put the reality key in
all we do is win everyday is uh f-cking weekend
me and my b-tch riding around bumpin the weekend
you don't wanna feature me...
ima eat your beat then
ugh.... spit out its nasty
she don't wanna swallow kids
but she love gaggin
high fashion ass models and beauty pagents
young alladin vesace carpet i need uh jasmine
tour bus ridin i got to show up in Dallas
Tyga maverick loue v bed fabric
haha i swear these n-ggas movin backwards
i'm moving faster
tell them n-ggas to put original in all my captions.....
n-gga ......
(Well Done)

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