Please Say The Baby Lyrics

DJ Drama Feat. Lil Wayne

DJ Drama Feat. Lil Wayne - Please Say The Baby Lyrics

Fuck, man I been on this block all day
(say, say, say, say, say)
Hot man, get off my shirt, hot man
(Oh whatchu got?) Ohhh who that?
Boy that look like Baby, that ain't (that's dubs?)
That ain't Baby (that's dubs?)
That ain't - that is that nigga man (lets go)

Say Lil' One
What, what's happening with you big dog?
Look I need to talk about some serious shit dog
Like what? Look I ain't have nothing to do with
killing them...
Slow down, I'm talking bout some getting money shit
and how its gonna go down
Well holla at me nigga, talk to me, let me know something
cause right now I'm tired of hustling
and these rocks ain't doing nothing
and to tell you the truth I feel like I be out here for the fun of it
I swear if I don't hit a lick by next month, I'm done with it
Understand, but you ain't listening you just talking
I said I could get you paid, is you with that offer?
I know you see me coming through everyday pimpin
In a Benz, the Jag, and a Ferrari
Yeah, but I like that Bentley
All thats cool shorty, you can get this if you with me
Let me run it down to you bout this shit that I've been getting in
I mean, I'm saying, it sound good, I like that
What thats a blunt?
Light that, nigga I'll be right back
Aight cat, just don't be playing, this worth my while?
Lil' daddy I play with hoes, is you a hoe?
Say I got work, I need to flood it all over
I can't do it all myself, so I need me a lil' solider
I been peeping ya lil' ass, I see you grinding and shit
I been peeping you too, nigga I see you shining and shit
And you don't even know how long I been trying to find me a brick
To make it flip and take the chips and go an buy me a whip
Fuck a whip, that could wait
You worry bout your cake
Once you make enough to play, go buy a Z-28
A Z-28, boy go head, once I get change
I'ma go an cop me a Ranger and two platinum chains
Well look I ain't fucking with you
You too young from the start
Man that ain't even got anything to do with it
Its dedication and heart
Dedication and smarts
Don't put your heart in this game
Cause when you fall to deep in love you get caught in this game
Well correct me when I'm wrong
And acknowlegde me when I'm right
Lil' bitch, if your hard head ass listen I might
B, I'm all ears
Get your ass in this car
Unlock the door
Its unlocked
Don't holla at me
You ain't my pa
Now stop playing, look I got a hundred bricks just came
fifty ki's of raw dope, and fifty bricks of cocaine
Pays five a piece
Every week?
Just move it together
I'ma knock off my lil' section
You take care of your area
Ughhh, nigga I been waiting to be the Don 'round here
I'ma have Coke and Dope
It's gone be on 'round here
But how you want me to sell this
Zones, Quarters, Halfs, Ki's?
However they ask for it, just give it to them Lil' Wheez
I'm all for it cousin
I'ma get me a million
If power get between it I'ma split me a nigga
You better, but when I get you this shit nigga
Let them have it
I bet you be on the block, working - directing traffic
Like you park here, you park there, you meet me in the cuts
Say Lil' One
What's up?
We gonna fuck it up
Nigga what? Nigga what? Haha

[Car sounds in background as you hear Lil' Wayne
whispering something you can't understand]

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