Hell Is For Children Lyrics


Vesania - Hell Is For Children Lyrics

Blood of legions runs through my veins,
I am the hell of hells.
The night lights up the paths,
Silently with the thunder,
We'll destroy the sun.

I play with the angels,
Razor sharp blade.
Winged creatures frightened,
They run away loosing feathers,
And remains of dignity.

Gardens of eden I burn,
Vehemence voracious.
With the horde of wolves I come,
Profanity and death I spit forth.

In the silence of my madness,
I am the longing spirit.
The filthy mass around me, oh!
Kills my joy.
Rips my heart out,
I wear the mourning for I lost the world.

So easily you play with evil,
You read the names aloud.
All your toys are black,
Rebellion for show.
Hell that you talk about,
Ain't no evil.
And let me tell you,
You have seen nothing of evil.
This hell is for children,
Hell is for children!

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