Shooting Star Lyrics


Poison - Shooting Star Lyrics

a small town girl with big time dreams
but nothing's ever as it seems
a mother waves her girl goodbye
then slowly hangs her head and cries
hollywood hills and the big city lights
outside her window they burn bright
someday the world will praise her fame
they'll know her face they'll shout her name

they'll shout it real load
she'll make her mama real proud
she'll stand about the crowd
i am someone
look what i've done
stare into the sun
i am a shooting star
i am something
i am someone
look what i have done
i am a shooting star

she looks down at the stars lying on the streets
says to herself "that will be me"
a big time dream a small town mind
searching for a break she may never find
streets of gold they turned to gray
just one more chance just one more day
someday that world will know this face
she swears they'll never fall from grace

they'll shout it real loud
she'll make her mama real proud
she'll stand about the crowd
and shout
chorus (solo)

she stand out on the streets in the pouring rain
strangers walk by they don't know her name
as the silver screen slowly fades to black
she'll never give in she can never go back


someday you'll see me
don't you need me
everybody will believe me
i am a shooting star

i will stand strong
i will hold on
it's not my last song
i am a shooting star

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