Jericho (Live) Lyrics

Johnny Clegg & Savuka

Johnny Clegg & Savuka - Jericho (Live) Lyrics

You are a dreamer of dreams walking a lonely shore
Dream if you will but remember there are iron laws
However much you seek to solve this mystery
No one ignores the iron vice of history
All those gone before dreamed to escape
They tried to fly over the palisades

Standing at the gates
This is jericho
And the walls reach up to the stars
And outside we were singing psalms
Such a strange, strange place

For we are the prisoners
Of the prisoners we have taken
And the prophets' dreams are now forsaken

Sing me the songs of a world that I once knew
Recall the legends once so proud and true
My people used to live here not so long ago
But they fled into the night and I was left alone
I guard these walls for you and me
Dream on, sail on my memory

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