Valentine Lyrics


Liquido - Valentine Lyrics

I don't have to say you're beautiful
You've got plenty other guys to say those words for you
And I don't have to say you run the show
All it takes is a word, I lose control for you

I know you're not my girlfriend, but
I swear that I love you
Baby I do
I know you're not my girlfriend, but
I swear that I love you
Baby I do

I don't have to say you stole my heart
'Cause anything I have I freely give to you
And I knew right from the very start
That the only place I belong is next to you


Even thru all
The ups and downs
You can't stop
The way I feel now
Even thru the storm
Joy & pain
I won't change
Still feel the same
Anytime you call
I don't care
No matter the reason
I'll be there
Constantly on my mind
And that's why I'm hoping
You will be my
Valentine (valentine)


... and I know you love me too

I swear that I love you... yes I do

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