Hey Girl Lyrics

M. Pokora

M. Pokora - Hey Girl Lyrics

Hey girl you dont understand what you mean to me
Do anything not to lose ya
I take you to the top of the world
Hey girl, my heart's lost when you're not close to me
Keep praying for the chance to feel ya
I take you to the top of the world

To give my best, coz you're my everything
the only on my mind
I gotta tell you your everything I want, yeah
Gotta feel so good, to let you in my world
And I can say that is, is incredible you everything I want

Baby think about you all the time
and lose control of myself
coz you dont know what you have done to me
Baby, when I get you close to me
and hold my hands and my body
I kiss you then I turn off the lights

I told you that if you give me the keys to your heart and let me in
I give you the world my love
coz that is what you deserve, yeah
and nothing that I won't do
just go and give me the world
and you know that I will be there
'til the end of time
you're everything that I want


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