Standin' In Line Lyrics


Haywire - Standin' In Line Lyrics

Mcentire Reba
Read My Mind
I Won't Stand In Line
You told me I was one in million
Everything you wanted in this world
When every time I turn around
I hear tell you paint the town
With one of those million other girls

Oh, whatcha do to me is not the question
I swear I felt the magic from the start
I see the promise of a legendary love
But I am not about to share your heart

I'd do almost anything just to make you mine
But I won't stand in line
I won't' stand in line waiting for your call
I won' take a number, just to take a fall
So make up you mind
I won't stand in line

How long do you think that you can handle
Keeping all those hearts up in the air
Don't you know in time you're bound to stumble
And when that day comes it won't be my affair

(Randy Sharp, Steve Diamond)
Copyright 1994 Longitude Music Co.

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