Coolin' In Cali Lyrics

The 7A3

The 7A3 - Coolin' In Cali Lyrics

Coolin' in Cali, goin' far
Introduction to a brand new star
Comin' from the west - Hollywood
Best believe, to go we're good

Baskin' in the sunshine, drink a little wine
A tender cutie, yo, you know I'm gonna find
Livin' on the beach underneath palm trees
Wear my shorts to show off the knees

That's the life, yo, you want to live it
Do what I do, anything, you would give it
Like Sinatra do it my way
Job is the work, gettin' paid the play

'Cause I'm
(Coolin' in Cali)
(Coolin' in Cali)

Want some of this, well, I have no crew
You want to do me harm, get the old (1-2)
Combination, makin' all bells ring
A fighter and a lover, yo, I'm good at everything

Geffentown, so watch what you see
My word is bond, and this is gonna be
A frenzy of fun, man, it's insanity
(Is he crazy?) Forget the vanity

I like the path, though the road is dark
Make you move and groove as I make my mark
In history, leavin' no mystery
Don't like defeat, goin' for victory

(Coolin' in Cali)
(Coolin' in Cali)

Like a Snicker I satisfy
Overcome? Don't even try
Chillin' like a villain, but I live like a king
This is Cali (Cali) you know how I swing

Look around, take in the beauty
Not to mention all the fly cuties
Keep your arm pumpin' as the two break wild
Listen to the music, enjoy the style

I want to party, yes, have some fun
The night is young and we just begun
So come along upon a journey to a land unknown
Deliver you from evil and bring you home

(Coolin' in Cali)
(Coolin' in Cali)
(Clap your hands)
(To what he's doin')

(Clap) (clap) (clap) (clap) (clap your hands)
(Clap your hands)
(Clap your hands)

Not a game, don't play me like Calico
I get punani because you love the dicko
Drink a Mai Thai, sit in the sand
Rock the house - you know I can

The energizer make you all go 'oy!'
I'm worth a million, you're just a toy
I buy my brew, yes, all year round
You're lookin' for what I have found

California girls - in bikinis
Make a wish, cause I'm your djini
The way I'm livin', you think it's a dream
Break your neck to be down with the scene

(Coolin' in)
(Coolin' in)

You and I (I, I...) what it is
Droppin' science, takin' care of biz
7A3 - immortal majesty
Here's the order, and it's gonna be

California boy raised in East New York
Gettin' paid top dollar for the way that I talk
Listen to my words, cause the teacher must teach
Take a sentence and rhythm, commence to speak

Native of Brooklyn, live in L.A.
Chill in the crib, write the rhymes to say
And when it's over, the pen is smokin and worn
Coolin' in Cali, peace - I'm gone

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