Scarecrow Lyrics


Rehab - Scarecrow Lyrics

i am the everything the all knowing
the omnipotent one
i watch the fields i do not feel
i circumnavigate everyone
i am the scarecrow, alone and disconnected
you stare right past me undetected
i am only here when you expect it
nowhere man i live invisible
and feel a sadness undescribable
i hang here motionless holding a bible
no revival
i died and became apathy
then married vacancy
then moved my children to the tundra of complacency
i do not exist in your world
i've burned the bridges, i've cut the life line
now all i have left is my mind
which judges all of you
analyizes your dumb philosophies
inwonderment of how you all have ruined your ecology
but you do not hear for i am to you only but nothingness
and i can't understand why i'm the only one that feels like this
it's all piss, i flee
out of all the people that have left me
the one i miss most, is me

i am the scarecrow and i am so alone

and i've seen thirty years of down time
the face of a clown, a stick for a spine
from a grandiose small town mind
and crows fly all around mine
they shit on my shoulder
i got no voice, no mobility
i get older, heated but colder
no yeild in my field, fuck my opinion
i stare at your houses in the distance
silent persistence at night windows glisten
i got nothing to say cause no one would listen anyway
so i remain against the grain
i've seen sunny days with rain
busted knuckles and pain and never complained
dirt is my domain, my view is plain
but i'm invisible, sounds mystical
not really, the days are dry the evening chilly
the only one who understands is little billy when he's lonely
make me feel something, make me worth a damn
make me new again, make me a fuckin' man

seen the rise and fall the high and low the come and go
and if you knew what i know, sometimes one does not reap what he sews
the wind blows, the moon glows the water flows
the rain turns to snow, and the ground is froze
and only god knows why that's the way it goes

i am the scarecrow and i am so alone

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