Deportees (Things Change) Lyrics

Buju Banton

Buju Banton - Deportees (Things Change) Lyrics

Yes, well, tek dis from Gargamel,
uddawise known as Buju
Anytime yuh go foreign neva yuh?
'Ca wicked t'ings will tek yuh
Watch mi nuh!

T'ings change, now unno see sey life hard
Yuh neva used to spen' no money come a yard
Yuh wretch you, yuh spen' di whole a it abroad
Squander yuh money now yuh livin' like dog
Boy get deport come dung inna one pants
Bruk an' have no money
but mi nuh response
No abiding city, wan pressure fi mi ranch
An' when 'im dey a foreign 'im did important
But 'im neva did a look back, neva did a glance
Neva know 'im would a tumble ova like an avalanche
Mama dung inna di hole, an' 'im don't buy her a lamp
Not a line, not a letter, nor a fifty cent stamp

, yuh know mi [?
Send 'im back
Uncle Sam, cause 'im deh dey an' a wrong

One drop inna di snow from about seventy-nine
Neva get di chance cause it wasn't my time
An' mi hear yuh dey a foreign an' commit di most crime
An' mek a bag a money when mi couldn't mek a dime
(re)memba one time gon how yuh used to brag
Benz an' Lexus a wey yuh did have
Clarks and Bally whey yuh got in a bag
Clothes a yuh no wear still have on nametag
Now yuh crash up, now yuh mash up, yuh neva did a plan
Yuh neva bid a check fi lay a foundation, mi holla


Back together again, mi baby fren'
Dust off yuh clothes, an' start from scratch again
Back together again, mi baby fren'
Dust off yuh clothes, an' start, nuh true

Caught up in di world of di rich and di famous
Golden livity it haffe luxurious
Have all di girls in di world in a surplus
Massage yuh shoulder, bump some a bust
Request yuh coffee an' she pour it from a thermos
Cool an' kick back an' just a watch delirious
Now yuh sorry, yuh neva (re)memba
Di almighty one in yuh days of splendor


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