Anarchy (Live) Lyrics


KMFDM - Anarchy (Live) Lyrics

You break my back
you won't break me
all is blackbut I still see
shut me down
knock me to the floor
shoot me up
fuck me like a whore

trapped under icecomfortably cold
I've gone as low as you can go
feel no remorseno sense of shame
time's gonna wash away all pain

I made a god
out of blood
not superiority
I killed the kingof deceit
know I sleep in Anarchy

sacrifice to the cause
turn your code into law
compensate to validate the loss
take a thiefnail him to a cross

gospel of rage
faction of hate
deviate from the absolute
born of revenge
raised on cement
chaos created government

I made a god out of blood
not superiority
I killed the king
of deceit
now I sleep inAnarchy

I made a god out of bloodnot superiority
I killed the kingof deceit
wake me up inAnarchy

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