Is It Love Lyrics


P!Nk - Is It Love Lyrics

is it love, or just a curse
do you feel good when i hurt?
i need your heart to open up
if this love's not real
then it's just my luck

verse 1
mommy help me, i need your help
this little boy took my love,
he says these things
that make my body bump up,
but then he runs
leaving me undone,
and i don't understand
for sex he said he'd be my man


verse 2
daddy listen, i gave it up
i'm not your little girl,
my cherry's popped
and all the trust, is missing,
but please listen
what do i do
i know you wanna hurt him,
but i like what he do
he's only doing what you used to


you never told me 'bout
the birds and the bees
or 'bout hide and go seek
or what he gets when he finds me
the biggest mistake
are the choices i make
won't you help me decide
what's going on in my mind


that thing you put on me,
it's got me so confused
won't somebody help me,
tell me what should i do
why's it feel so good
is it just a curse
will it get better, or will it get worse?!?!?

tell me,
tell me,
tell me,
does it feel good? damn!

ad libs

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