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Spirogyra - Island Lyrics

If you're gonna be a mountain
Let me see you thrust your snows
In innocence through clouds of doubt
That try to keep your reason out
In these times of glaciated slaughter

If you're gonna be a legend
Let it be a tale whose telling
Is a state of mind that's dwelling
Far beyond the words dark capture
To fill the heart alone with rapture
In these days of circles

If your gonna be an island
I will be a sailing ship
Who like a speck at total distance
Looms beyond your headland breakers
Till the oceans mighty plunder
Bids me seek the gentler shelter
Of your inland waters

Have you never seen beyond the moon?
Don't you know that we will be there soon?
Have you no eyes to see
That you are only me and we are only
Travellers upon a sea of time
Trying very hard to make it rhyme

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