Summer Begs Lyrics

Sarah Jaffe

Sarah Jaffe - Summer Begs Lyrics

Somewhere someone's sleeping
somewhere someone's weeping
somewhere someone's listening
to the sound of a record spinning

Sing to me now
right out your window
your father'd be proud
now that it's simple
but don't sing too loud
you'll wake up the neighbors
and they will complain
so I must persuade them

Hold it right there
I don't wanna move
and summer it begs
it begs us to prove
that we can last
just one more season
and that there, gives me a reason

Secrets are for keeping
that's what gives them their meaning
it's your certain proclamation
and it needs no explanation

Sing to me now...
Hold it right there...

I for one I'm willing
to stay here until you're willing
maybe you're not ready
to handle something steady

Sing to me now...
Hold it right there...

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