Zulu Nation Throwdown (Cosmic Force) Lyrics

Afrika Bambaataa

Afrika Bambaataa - Zulu Nation Throwdown (Cosmic Force) Lyrics

Say what's the name of this Nation?
And who's gonna get on down?
The Cosmic Force
The Cosmic Force

Chitty-chitty-bang-bang, we are your main thing
You listen to the song that she is gonna sing-sing
We party all night to the people's delight
Cause everybody knows that we rock out of sight
Say we are the best in the creation
We go by the name of the Mighty Zulu Nation
We're the Mighty Zulus, we're one of a crew
We're comin by, we're comin through
We're worldwide and we're citywide
Cause we shock the house, we shock it right
We'll say a little somethin to let you know
That my mellow Smitty D is on the echo
We do a routine and put on a show
And we dedicate it to the people we know
We're one of a kind, we're easin the mind
The Zulu Nation say time after time

To the party people out there, we want y'all just to know
That we are the four MC's and we are the star of the show
Aha, at every Zulu Throwdown, say this is what you see
And hear the voice (I'm Chubby Chub) (Ice-Ice) (Little Ikey C) (Lisa Lee)
We rock in the sunlight or any kind of weather
Cause we are the Force (everybody) that has our act together
We wanna party (party) dance (dance) and boogie all damn night
Do-do-do-do, do, do, do-do-do-do
We got to amaze all you people that we're one hell of a sight
Do-do-do-do, do, do, do-do-do-do
Say standin up here are the four MC's that's devine
Do-do-do-do, do, do, do-do-do-do
While the people at the door are just standin in one big line
Do-do-do-do, do, do, do-do-do-do
Now some of our voices are high, some are low
Do-do-do-do, do, do, do-do-do-do
But it don't make no difference, we can still all yell "ho!"
Do-do-do-do, do, do, do-do-do-do
Well, the song is almost over, and emceein is an art
Do-do-do-do, do, do, do-do-do-do
Because when the party's jumpin, that's when the four will start
Do-do-do-do, do, do, do-do-do-do

Roll call, I want to get down
Say roll call, we want to get down
Say roll call, we want to get down
We are the four MC's, don't need no help
So (check out the way)
So (check out the way)
So check out the way we introduce ourselves

Lisa Lee, and from the top of the key
You know I'm guaranteed to be the queen of MC's
MC Chubby Chub from the heavens above
No, I ain't never met a girl that I couldn'd shook up
And he's...
MC Ice-Ice, the shocker-rocker on the mic
And doin it on, doin it high power, doin it right
And he's...
Little Ikey C, and I'm the melody
Now all you young ladies get sexy
Do it

This is a story from the yesteryear
Said before it was the wack, but now the ladies cheer
Until we climb the ladder say one by one
And while we did it, we spreaded some fun
Say we change the tempo so you can clap your hands
And then we add a little (? ) so y'all can dance
And you like our style, which is just our voice
So young ladies, come and pick your choice
Chubby Chub
I'm Little Ikey C
We are the three MC's
Lisa Lee
You're the queen
Go girl
Just get on the mic and do your own thing

So put your hands in the air and listen to me
Cause you listen to the voice of MC Lisa Lee
Don't play no games, don't bite no style
When you came through the door we gave you a smile
We want you to get loose, get ready to rock
We're gonna paralyze your mind and put you in shock
We're gonna make you wanna yell, scream and shout
We're gonna let you know without a doubt
Exactly what we be about
Rockin to the sounds that make you dance
Make the ants crawl in your pants
Put you in a music trance
Listen to the beat and let yourself go
Cause everybody knows this is nothin but a disco
Rock, shock the sure shot
This ain't a Broadway play or a high school plot
It's the real deal that makes you feel
Like, like you got sex appeal
Now party people in the place you feel the bass
Can you check out the highs, check out the grace
So wallflowers in the house, this is your chance
To show everybody that you can dance
Punk rock to the left, and Patty Duke to the right
Move your body now, you can do it all night
These are the devastating words that you never heard before
I'm Lisa Lee, hah, I got rhymes galore
So young ladies out there, he's from the heavens above

That's right, never met a girl that I couldn't shook up
So won't you clap your hands and have some fun
It's the super dynamite (huh) MC Chubby Chub
You don't stop (hah) you don't stop (haha)
Get it all together, girl, because we're startin to rock
And to all the young ladies, yes his name is Chub
Say I didn't come here to ask for your love
Cause I'm a cool, cool kid with a healthy mind
And I figure that (? ) will always take time
I'm lookin for a girl that I can call mine
When she walk down the street, the sun will shine
And to all the young ladies, I'm talkin 'bout me
Cause I'm lookin for a girl that's so unique
I'm not lookin for a girl that drives a car
To me she'll always be my superstar
Cause I'm lookin for a girl with a beautiful smile
And a young lady that's worth my while
Young ladies out there, don't you get uptigh

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