Boom Bap Rap Lyrics

Mac Miller Feat. The Come Up

Mac Miller Feat. The Come Up - Boom Bap Rap Lyrics

Your witnessing the gambles of infinity
Music in my soul on they go and getting rid of me
Peace and divinity in each and every inch of me
We living through this meledy you singing in a different key
See I'm nice with these rhymes, I might be blind
Just see inside of minds, I gets unkind
I'm like a physic I don't give a fuck if you like this
We here to party, had a little music to turn up loud
92 til infinity just some shit that you ain't heard in awhile
I don't give a fuck if their ain't a party
We got a little music to turn up loud
We different got our life that we living
Standing out in the crowd

That boom bap rap
They ask me how I do it
I'm just cool like that
Alright alright alright alright
That boom bap rap
When they ask you what your doing
Tell em your cooling
Keepin it moving
Ain't nothing new I'm a do what I do

Pullin up in something that you haven't seen
Clean and accompained by one of the baddest queens
Peel the top back feeling superb as I pass the green
We just coolin vibing without the magazine
Breezing through 376 thinking about my past ventures
Came from running, duckin and jumping over fences
Used to play reckless trying to get the check
Stopped now it's visions with my camp from the triple deck yaught
I can't stop, won't stop I keep running
Unleash the beast, freak beats and keep coming
Nasty but we spit it so sincerly
Drip phlem from the pen so they can feel me
Boom bap ones with the hiphop
They say we different wonder how we do it but it's sealed in a ziplock
Killin beats from 87 till the end of me
And Mac been involved since 92 until infinity

This that boom bap shit, return of mister boom bapstic
Mostdope making new classics
Screem beef dog, look lose that shit
You ain't built for contact better do glasses
Haters get mad my view zoom past em
You lose that bitch, you think local I do atlas
Vinny Radio do that shit
It's like bird flu how I move that sick - ness
Got my money looking healthy work to stretch it everyday we call it physical fit-ness
Made my name in the game from playing no games but giving these beats the bussi-ness
We deserve a reward for bring back that boom bap rap that you Miss-in'

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