Song Of Reproduction Lyrics

Flanders & Swann

Flanders & Swann - Song Of Reproduction Lyrics

I had a little gramaphone
I wind it round and round
And with a sharpish needle
It made a cheerful sound
And then they amplified it
It was much louder then
And to sharpened fibre needles
to make it soft again
Today for reproduction
I'm as eager as can be
Count me among the faithful fans
of high-fi-de-li-ty
High fidelity
Hi-fi's the thing for me
with an LP disc and an FM set
and a corner reflex cabinet
High frequency range
Complete with autochange
All the highest notes
Like a sharp norflat
The ear can't hear as high as that
Still I ought to please any passing bat
With my high fidelity
Who made this circuit up for you anyway?
You bought it in a shop?!
Ooh what a horrible shoddy job they fobbed you off with
Surprised they let you have it in this room anyway
the acoustics are all wrong
If you raise the ceiling four feet
Put the fireplace from that wall to that wall
You'll still only get the sterophonic effect if you sit at the bottom of that cupboard
I see you've got your negative feedback coupled in with you push-pull input/output
Take that across through ya red-in pick-up to ya tweeter
If you're modding more than 8
You're gonna get 'wow' on ya top
Try to bring that down through your preamp rumble filter through ya woofer
What'll ya get?
Flatter on ya bottom
High fidelity
FFRR for me
I've an opera here that you shan't escape
on miles and miles of recording tape
High decibel gain
Is easy to obtain
With the tone control at a single touch
'Bel Canto' sounds like 'Double Dutch'
Then I never did care for music much
It's the High Fidelity

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