Monkey See, Monkey Do Lyrics

The Budos Band

The Budos Band - Monkey See, Monkey Do Lyrics

Eminem - Monkey See Monkey Do

ay yo 50
what i tell you
we aint even have to say shit
they did it

monkey see monkey do
dont ever make the first move
just let em come to you
cause they always gunna see and do what the other one do
so let em come to you
the rest of us follow suit
monkey see monkey do
if they really want it bad enough well then they gunna come
now here they come as we expected now we just set em up
check-mate motherfucker
games over
we won
it doesnt take much
for me to raise such a stink up
when motherfuckers hate your guts
you aint even gotta say much
for me to put a pen to a blank sheet of papers
like smearing blood stains with a paint brush
i cant explain what it is my brain does
but however it works its insane
its plain nutz
and it aint just my brain thas dangerous
its a whole combination of things
it takes nutz
and im not affriad to raise the stakes up
i got a million bucks in the banks and 8 trucks
im patiently waiting for the day
im anxious
to see the look on ya fake mugs
when you thugs go bankrupt
ya drunk
ya aint tough
whatever you drank musta just turned ya into some gangstas
this is me talking motherfucker
this aint drugs
you wanna pop, shit wake-up, then make-up
its too late chump now face up
i pray for the day that someone
who spits with t

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