Periscopes Lyrics

The Beautiful Girls

The Beautiful Girls - Periscopes Lyrics

Well i woke up last night, couldn't tell if i was dreaming.
I thought i saw the face of an angel and i heard her speaking to me.
She said my boy, don't fill up your head with trivial things.
Cos life's too beautiful for you to leave.

Just like periscopes up in the sky,
well i have never seen a girl as beautiful as you, in my whole life.
And things don't always go the way you plan them,
but if your rolling with the flow well then it makes it easier,
makes it easier to bare.

I'll give you kisses on your neck just like i always promised.
You float into my mind like pictures of an earthly godess.
She said my boy don't fill up your heart with nothing but love.
That truth is truth to you is truth enough.


Easier to bare



All i need -
I don't need your inhibitions
all ineed is to be free.
and i don't like no-one to tell me,
just where i'm going because i can see.
I can see.
Show you all of my intentions,
get this world belong to me.
Imitate all my inventions, a minute too late
will never set you free.
set you free.

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