Gas Chamber Lyrics

Spice 1

Spice 1 - Gas Chamber Lyrics

Check muthafuckin 1 check 1-2
Shoot a muthafucka down what a nigga do
Check 1 check motherfuckin 1-2
Shoot a muthafucka down what a nigga do
Check muthafuckin 1 check 1-2
Shoot a muthafucka down what a nigga do

(Spice 1)
Tschitty Tschitty Gang Bang
Niggas wanna slang 'caine
But like I said before it's a ghetto thang
You wouldn't understand this
Cause at the tender age of 14 the Gat was handed
I put in work to get the cash on
When a nigga stepped up close I got the blast on
And muthafuckas in my hood were down for that
Nigga what I packs, I packs it big phat
Muthafuckin AR-15
And fry that ass like sissaneen
Cause in the Bay there are no red or no blue guys
Muthafuckas just drop life shoo flies
So when you come don't claim no blue or red
Cause these niggas will colour your ass dead
I gotta keep my Tech-9 in the bushes
Made more mail than the rest of the pushers
I'm standin tough like wrangler
Niggas don't care if you're a crip or a blood
We are all get the gas chamber


(Spice 1)
Break mine up became a slang word
Sellin that cooked up 'caine bird
Is a key to a muthafuckin G
Bustin caps in the mix back in 1983
So that's old school shit to me
I wanna live to see 23
But these niggas in the ghetto crave
To see a nigga layin dead in a fuckin grave
And I gots to come sick with it
I sold dope and crack and shit but didn't stick with it
Cause the boys in blue they got some new shit
A helicopter that you can't fuck with
And the funky-ass black on white
Ran blue lights with that engine somethin' tight
But 5-0 can't fuck with the 5.0
Cause I'm a old school nigga at the sat show
I whip shit and get the niggas straight stuck on
Pigs have a coke and a smile and get the fuck on
Cause I'm the same old nigga
Even though my pocket's phat my belly's bigger
I'm at the age 22
17 years old shit I probably gaffled you
But forget that shit because it's all good
And Mr. Rogers ain't got shit on my neighbourhood
Cause we was all young gangstas livin on a razor
Fucked with us and we sprayed you
But in '93 it ain't for you and me
Cause we're straight get the gas chamber


(Spice 1)
On the real tho' partna
This is what a nigga's tryin to say
When you shoot the next muthafucka
You goin to jail regardless of what muthafuckin colour you got on
You know I'm sayin
You gonna get the gas chamber regardless
So when I do this shit for some cash anyway
Like my lil' partna Bushwick say:
"If shit don't make dollars, it don't make sense"
187 thousand G

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