The Longest Pee Lyrics

Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler - The Longest Pee Lyrics

Performed by Adam Sandler and Rob Schneider

(Line of people talking)
"Hey man, let me in there first"
-"Go ahead man, take it easy"
"Thanks, I really gotta pee"

(Open door, close door)
(Unzip pants)
(Start pissin... groaning...)
"Oh man"
"Ohhh yeah"
(...Stop Briefly)

(Start Pissing again.)
"Oh man"
"Oh man"
"Oh Man"
(...gets louder)
(...and louder)
( loud as a hose)
"Oh no!"
"Oh Man!"
(...slows down)
"Ahhhhhh... There ya go"

(Fart! Starts pissing loudly again)
"Oh! OH MAN!"

(Banging on the Door)
(Pissing slows down to dribble)
"I'll be out in a minute!"
"oh.oh my"
"oh... Oh thank God"

(Zips up pants)
(Pisses in pants)
"Awwww MAN!"

(People laughing)
-"Hey man, you pissed in your pants"
"I know"
-"So did I"
"I guess that makes us piss pals"
(Horrible annoying laughter)

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